Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Model

I no longer think that many (well... most) people in the hood want to get out of the hood.
In times past, people were almost proud to say that they were from the hood (meaning that they got out).
These days, it seems that many people are proud to say that are from the hood (meaning that that is their chosen lot in life).

I caught an episode of The Shark Tank tonight and I was struck by a comment made by Mark Cuban.
Mr. Cuban told a woman the she was not yet an entrepreneur but that she was a "wantrepeneur".
He doubted that the woman would make the effort required to have her company succeed.
As he and the other investors passed on the woman's idea, Mr. Cuban had doubts about whether the woman could turn a profit on any investment.

Maybe this is what the government should do to those seeking federal aid.
Maybe applicants should have to go through a screening process to vet the likelihood of a positive outcome?
If an applicant states and can show proof that they have laid the social, educational and spiritual groundwork required for their next step - along with a viable plan for future success - only then should financial aid be given.


Reggie said...

.......maybe so?!?

DF said...

Bruh we can end all of the problems if we just improve the school systems. Education usually overcomes ignorance, ignorant parents and ignorant choices.

I don't think you can judge potential so how can one administer such a test and get reliable trustworthy outcomes?

uglyblackjohn said...

@ FreeMan - Dude I just had a Christmas benefit to give 52 pairs of Jordans to poor kids. None of the department stores involved, none of the athletes, none of the television stations were interested in giving laptops to kids. But tell everyone that were trying to give away 100 pairs of Jordans and everyone jumped on board.
PRIORITIES are just wrong for many of those who need them the most.