Friday, August 3, 2012

My Computer Is Down, iPad Won't let me post, ChIck Fil a Protests, Nappy Gabby,...ic


CNu said...

lol@nappy gabby...,

It only took six years of paternal consternation, but my now eighteen year old daughter went natural about six months ago and there's no possibility of her every going back. As the Hon. Elijah Muhammad said of diet and religion, it is harder to change a man's diet than to change his religion - It is MUCH harder to change a sistah-gurrl hurr, than it is to change either her diet or her religion!

DF said...

Damn UBJ it ain't 1984 with a computer the size of a room! You need to go walk to the public library like all the other pedophiles and post some new dick pics! LMAO

But, cmon bruh you know someone around you got a kindle or something not controlled by the Empire aka Apple!