Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm Easily Bored

And I'm not motivated by money.
The club is doing great (so far) so work is not a major concern.
This combination allows me to try to help others whenever possible.
Issac seems confused at it wanders the Gulf Coast in an effort to figure out which area to eff-up next.
This is a great cause for concern for the elderly ladies I check on. After a couple of days of making hurricane kits, these women are set - unless we are forced to evacuate.
 Most of my free time these days seems to be working with kids who happened to be born to sorry-assed parents.
I listen to single mothers complain that the guys they hooked-up with turned out to be deadbeat-dads.
I listen to women complain that no one helps them while others seem to get all the benefits available from the government.
I listen to story after story about how these women are victims of society (and not their own personal choices).

But all that aside, I still focus on the kids.
It just amazes that so many parents imagine that it is the teacher's responsibility to ensure that a child gets an education.

A teacher may have a student for one hour a day.
A teacher has 30 children for each of six or seven classes throughout the day.
A teacher has over 150 children to teach on any given day.

A parent has one, two or three children.
A parent has these children for most of the night.
It is a parent's job to ensure that a child learns the information given by the teacher.
One of the kids I tutor (at no charge) happens to have a mother who is in my club more than I am.
The woman makes a good living for a single mother with one child (She nets about $65k a year) yet she complains that she is always broke.
Upon entering their home I knew why.
The woman seems to be trying to compensate for her lack of maternal skills by buying her son whatever he wants.
This may be fine but the woman rents an apartment, drives the company car and purchases her home furnishings and appliances from rent-to-own stores.
The woman borrows one pay day loan to pay off the prior month's pay day loans. The woman has no net worth.

This woman's financial woes seem to be the result of her need to feel equal to those around her.
This woman is making a good living without any education beyond that of high school.
I'm assuming that she validates herself through her ability to freely spend (borrowed) money.
To tell the truth, I've never seen anyone so broke who has such a large collection of shoes, belts and purses.
The woman would always boast about her possessions until one day I explained to her that she owned nothing but debt - and that that debt was actually owned by some bank.
I explained that if she would miss a few drunken nights at the club and instead spend those nights helping her son with his homework and talking to him that she wouldn't feel so guilty that she would feel the need to try to buy his affection.
I explained that if she was a better mother that she may actually feel good enough about herself so that she wouldn't have to have the parade of men leaving her bedroom most mornings in her efforts to find 'a good man'.

I know it sounds as though I've been bashing women in most of my recent posts - but I'm not.
Who I am bashing are the sorry-assed ho's who think that shows like 'Love and Hip Hop" offer the best example of Black womanhood in America today.
Who I am bashing are the women who raise their son's to be their 'man' instead of raising their sons to be a man.
I know I am rambling but I'm just sick of always trying to help people who don't want any help.
I'm just tired of helping people who don't really want to do better for themselves - they just want everything done for them.....


brohammas said...

And then there are the kids who actually are victims of society and circumstance. Kids do not have the ability to guide themselves and if they have bums for parents... what chance do they have? Keep it up man.

Young H said...

The only thing missing is her reaction. What'd she say when you shared your feelings?

Reggie said...

Those hurricane kits are important, more people should take the time to put one together, particularly in the south.

Those payday loan and rent to own places ought to be outlawed. The interest rates they charge are criminal.

We have to help those who want help, not the ones we think need help......whether they really need it or not.

Tom said...

The parents have to take on most of a child's education, no question. I'd almost say who's really good at what they do learned much of it in school. But for single parents or even couples who both work, how is it possible.

Tom said...

* should say

"nobody who's really good at what they do, learned much of it in school"

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Tom - I read somewhere that many immigrants do well because the parents learn along with their children. Many parents I know stopped learning way back in middle school so there are few who can help their children after the same grades.