Friday, July 6, 2012


Hookers at the bar always hit on me.
"This outfit makes me look sexy.", some random ho at the club said to me.
"No, that outfit makes you look 'Easy To (Fill in the blank)' ", I replied.
"Well, I get a lot of attention from guys when I dress like this.", she would retort.

The thing is, most guys who frequent nightclubs are only after one thing - and that IS NOT a wife.
Most guys are just looking for easy prey.
Most guys recognise that a woman who feels the need to dress like a hooker will probably take less effort than would a lady tending to her own business.

The woman who knows every guy at the club is probably desperate for attention and validation from strangers and mere acquaintances..
The woman who relies on guys to buy her drinks is offering herself up as easy prey for anyone who can impress her with his money.
The woman who acts like and dresses like a hooker is just advertising that she is the weakest of the herd and the most likely victim of those who prowl the club scene.

Her reply to all this?
"But I'm a Diva and a lady.", she said.
"Nah, Bitch. You're all just Easy to Fuck.", I said as I walked away from her leaving her in tears.


theoreoexperience said...

I was out at a bar full of people on the prowl for the first time in a LOOOOONG time. And it just made me so sad. People really are looking for connections and really believe that they can get it by dressing up like that and letting some dude get them drunk. I think I used to think that way, too, though I was always for it to work very well. When I get drunk, I start talking Bukowski and Jong and politics and showtunes. Not exactly sexy pillow talk. :)

Reggie said...

Maybe they just want to get laid too?!?