Saturday, July 7, 2012

Almost Ugly

 As I was reading a recent post from Val
 it brought to mind that I liked things that were on the verge of being 'ugly'.
I've never owned a Sabb - yet I always thought that they (along with the Citroen) were the most interesting cars around.
 I can't stand traditional high-art. I tend to favor graffiti or abstract forms instead.
 Even when considering home furnishings - Mid-Cent-Mod, Deco or Memphis seem to be my preferences.
And despite Craig thinking that I have a thing for JAPs - I think that he may be right when it comes to Stacy London.


CNu said...



I'm posed ta confess my reasons for thoroughly enjoying and still regularly watching What Not to Wear?!?!?!?!

Reggie said...

I'd say the SAAB looks slightly better than Stacy.