Saturday, April 10, 2010

They're BOTH Right

"We Da' Man" is what either of these guys would say.
Neither would hate on the other or assume that his game was the only way sports should be played.
When asked about Malcolm - "He's the shit" Martin should have said.
When asked about Martin - "That's a baad brotha'", Malcolm should have said.
There was no need for there to have been an imagined rivalry.
One's method was just as good as the other's - the major factors being 'time' and 'place'.
In a competitive market - in what should one invest?
Should one load up on and hold stocks and bonds for a long slow gain?
Should one hoard gold or other hard assets to affect more stability?
Should one bet on futures hoping for more liquidity?
Should one 'diversify' by placing assets in a worthless 401k? (Companies just buy each others stocks to the point of no one really even knowing what the original instrument was.)
Like the stock market - each move up (or down) in society is determined by what one hopes to gain, with what one is working, and at what one is most knowledgeable or skilled.
Malcolm could have never been Martin, and Martin could have never been Malcolm.
Each was set to their own personal task, in their own setting, each with his own scope of talents.
If each tried to be the other, nothing would have been accomplished.
Why is progress within the Black community often hindered?
Because each person seems more interested in having their personal points of view being primary than in having the group as a whole move forward.
How can this condition be remedied?
By both parties coming to the conclusion that (depending on 'time' and 'place') they are both right.


CNu said...

by exterminating the weaker element...,

uglyblackjohn said...

weaker in what area?

FreeMan said...

Or how about just letting each other execute their angles without any words against each other. I mean you don't have to agree with me to leave me alone.

We don't succeed because people get caught up in being the so-called leader instead of leading people to their own unique vision. We lose sight of the goal when we focus on ourselves.

brohammas said...

You are asking the "black movement" (for lack of a better term) to function under a competative market idea. That idea has not actually been a part of African-American history as a people since reconstruction. When reconstruction ended, violent white power agents manipulated and intimidated the black whole to the point where communal responses were the only option aside from dispersion.
There was historically no "fair market" open to black people in America.
the civil rights movement made progress but it was still with the idea that the whole had to act together to have power or opportunity.

Habbits formed in the 1890's are hard to break.

CNu said...

people get exactly the "leadership" they deserve.

CNu said...

weaker in what area?

let's be serious here UBJ.

using the example you used to signify one thing from another.

basketball is a silly game.

combat, even combat through padded gloves, is objectively real.

those incapable of distinguishing between the one and the other - and placing greater emphasis on the former than the latter - are simply doomed.

CNu said...

When asked about Malcolm - "He's the shit" Martin should have said.
When asked about Martin - "That's a baad brotha'", Malcolm should have said.

All of Malcolm's problems stemmed from those trifling, jealous, and undeserving muhphukkas in the NOI getting.their.pimp.on.

The mediocrity of the pimps who assassinated Malcolm over jealousy is expressed in and accounts for the marginal and mediocre status of the NOI as just another fringe lunatic cult today.

Those continuing to subscribe to that backward and elderly pimping regime are getting EXACTLY and PRECISELY what.they.deserve.


Reggie said...

Excellent post my brother, excellent post!!!

But still........I don't see Martin saying that Malcolm was the shit.......nah......but I know what you mean!!!

KonWomyn said...

Can I ask y'all sumthin?
All things considered, has 'integration' worked for the US? Not as general political qsn but from the perspective of your communities/experiennce of Blackfolks?
Would African Americans have been better off with seperate but equal policy like the NOI wants for education?

FreeMan said...

@Kon - There is a gain and a loss in every step you take. It's like when Wal-Mart moves in to the neighborhood and all the little businesses die off.

This is what integration has done to most Black folks. While we have access to resources most of us are realizing we should have control over them. So just like Wal-Mart who can complain everything has gotten better but some get tired of dealing with the same devil just in another position.

I don't fault those who fought for integration as you can only do what you can see. The fault is with the rest of us not correcting the shortfalls of believing somehow the same devil will act any way different from their nature.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ FreeMan (@ 2:27 - But who would invest everything in only one form of thinking?
Stocks do well at times, bonds in others, and hard assets in others (with some overlap).
As you say - the trick is for leaders to lead and then letting the details work themselves out when we are in a better possition to determine that which we want and that which we don't.

@ SeeNew - Okay... bad example.
maybe I should have used Jim Brown and Wilt instead.
(But I got a soft spot for Ali so I use him as much as possible.)

What I was trying to point out is that we seem to argue over praxis to the point of many efforts becoming a hindrance to the other when we should just understand that investing in a different method is similar to diversifying ones choices in financial investments.

@ KayDub - See: FreeMan @ 4:34.

FreeMan said...

@UBJ - The Hungry Man will eat anything you feed him. The Rich Man will buy anything you sell him. The Broke Man will believe anything you tell him.

There's your answer to why people will invest everything in only one form of thinking. They are just not experienced enough to know what's around the corner so the person who seems the most confident usually wins the minds of the masses.

You need a real intelligent leader to lead people to the promise land. We haven't had one of those in quite a while but when they do arrive the world changes. So until someone with real knowledge comes along and also has the qualities the lost appreciate we will always deal with CON artists.

The Ignorant know what moves the Masses so they speak well. The Intelligent know the direction of the masses but can't stand the smell.

CNu said...

The Ignorant know what moves the Masses so they speak well. The Intelligent know the direction of the masses but can't stand the smell.


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