Monday, March 12, 2018

More BP

I read a lot of facebook posts, both on my personal page and my business page - people seem more honest when they're not speaking to you face-to-face.

The above image was snatched from the page of one of my friend's friend's pages on my personal site.
The lady was bragging about how cool her niece and nephew felt in their new Black Panther jackets and how cool she was for getting them for them.
Sure, he's a Marvel superhero but these kids view him as the coolest of them all.

Sure, they are growing up in an area (my hometown) and during an era where they see Blacks everyday who are not the stereotypical pimps, criminals and drug dealers.
Yeah, their family is filled with law enforcement officers who deal with crime on a daily basis - but these kids are exposed to enough real life Blacks who are good people that #blackexcellence is not beyond their understanding.

As BP crosses the one-billion dollar mark in worldwide ticket sales and is poised to become the second biggest superhero movie of all time - why don't the Chinese audiences get it?
I read about the reviews in China's Douban (Their version of Box Office Mojo or IMDB.) and many can't seem to imagine an idealic African nation.
In a country that bought nearly $400 million (USD) in tickets to see Fast-8, which featured a largely Black cast (Vin Diesel, The Rock, Tyrese, Luda and Nathalie Emmanuel), BP is said to be ' too black'.
While deals in China only return 25% of theater revenue to the studio, the shear potential of the market leads production companies to green light projects that will over-perform there.
(Since American theaters return 50% of ticket revenues to theaters, the larger domestic take for BP will probably compensate for any perceived lost revenue in China.)

In a country that plans to invest heavily in Africa - should countries on the continent be concerned that billions of people cannot imagine them as their equals?
To be honest, many Black people don't see themselves as being (at least) equal.

BP seems to have reignited the whole light vs dark pigmentocracy in some Blacks.
This past week: I've had some dark brotha' come at me as I was walking an attractive woman to her car at the club because he thought I was 'too light'. ('Wrong one to fuck with in this town cuzz.', his cousin would say as he walked him away.) My homeboy's son was shot in a restaurant parking lot by dark brothas who felt that they were now superior to all the 'Christopher Williams looking brothas'. Beastly looking Leslie Jones looking women are throwing shade at light-skinned fit and attractive women on my club's facebook page...
BP seems to have many Blacks caught up.

In spite of all the 4Chan/Reddit/Stormfront attempts at destroying this film - it has become a worldwide phenomenon.
It has become a gauge to measure one's true feelings when it come to race in America and throughout the world.

'Wakanda isn't real'?
Well, neither is Valhalla, nor Thor, Loki nor the Valkyrie.
Ethiopia was only occupied for less than ten years by 'colonizers' - so there's that.
Power is cyclical and who is to say that the Sahara wasn't created by a nuclear war thousands of years ago and Egypt was just an attempt at recreating past African accomplishments?
Maybe pre-Egyptian history was Africa's turn to do things right and it's ancient cultures were just the remnants from its failures.
If history repeats itself, maybe this is Europe's turn to prove that mankind is just an inherently screwed-up race of petty beings.

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