Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Difference

As Eagles fans looted, rioted, vandalized and literally ate shit - the po-po seemed unbothered.
Sure, most of the perpetrators were working-class white dudes - the same dudes who seem to riot after hockey championships - but why did law enforcement respond with little more than a nod and wink?

Sure, burn things up to celebrate a sport which some choose to protest for 'political' reasons but don't dare protest anything that is actually political.

The thing is: protesting injustice is an attempt to change the system - rioting over an almost meaningless game (At least as far as most people's personal lives are concerned.) is supporting the same system.

Sports are intended to to distract the masses from things that actually matter.
As long as anger, jealousy, hatred and other emotion can be directed at entertainers, no one will pay attention to the deeds of either the Official Government nor the Permanent Govern.

As longs as the proles act and think like proles, the elites will remain safe in their roles in our plutocracy.

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