Saturday, April 1, 2017

Black Don't Crack....

 A 'Good Times' video appeared on my facebook timeline. On it was a young Bern Nadette Stanis - you know Thelma.
I always hated 'Good Times' - in spite of everyone in the home working, them motha'-effers still lived in the projects.
Back then - Thelma could get it.
These days - Thelma could still get it.
The comments from overweight, beastly, undereducated and unattractive women was that 'Black don't crack'.
The thing is; this is not always true - especially when it comes to 'race'.
The truth is that there are many Miss Jane Pittman broke down slavery looking Black women in the world today.

Let's take a look at non-Black women over SEVENTY!!!
 Raquel Welch - No Viagra needed.
(Back in the day, in the 'hood we had a childhood chant, 'Raquel Welch... uhh, uhhhnnn, uhn, uhn, uhhhnnn....')
Miss Welch seems to have been pretty and fine her entire life.
Raquel could still get it.
 Jane Fonda - a bit thin but she could still get it.
Shiiiid, Helen Mirren (with those big molly-whopper tiddies) looks better now (with more weight and age) than she did when she was young.

'Race' has never determined my outcome.
And 'race' has never determined who could get it.


CNu said...

lol, dood - you ain't right. tricked me into hitting the google image search...,

Constructive Feedback said...

Beverly Johnson

Supremes' Mary Wilson

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Feed - Man, there ARE a lot of fine older Black women - I'm not saying that there aren't.
It's just funny to me when when fat goat-faced trolls want to claim the whole 'Black Don't Crack' myth when they themselves look like shit.
It's as laughable as when racist white people want to claim 'We' did this or that when they themselves are just basic shrubs.