Friday, February 24, 2017

I Didn't Vote For the Nicca

 But I may know what President Trump is doing.
Donald Trump is doing everything he promised to do - shake up the system.
Sure, he's a bounder but he's acting the same as he's always acted.
Donald Trump was elected to do what people expected Barack Obama to do; to upset the cart, to rock the boat, to drain the swamp.

Yeah, I get it - he and his family are the Clampetts among the elites.
They have no class.
They are garish and uncouth.
But The Donald doing the same thing he did in Old-Money Palm Beach - saying, 'Fuck you, I'll do what I want'.

Yeah, he is making the same mistakes many leaders have made since there have been leaders - not understanding that there are Peace Time Councillors and that there are War Time Councillors. (Shit, even King David understood that some of his most loyal generals were 'too rough' for him once he became the king.)
The Donald doesn't seem to understand that he needs to drop those Useful Idiots.

And yes - I voted for Obama (twice) and I was disappointed with his sanguine but passive tenure as POTUS.
The Donald seems to be taking a different approach.
The Donald seems to be swinging for the fence - strikeouts be damned.
The Donald seems to be from the school which teaches that one's great successes will far outweigh one's failures.
The Donald seems to think that his homeruns will matter more than his strikeouts.

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