Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Climate Change?

 California ALWAYS burns. This isn't news. Everyone knows to plant iceplants on hillsides and as a perimeter around one's house. Everyone knows to clear excessive brush. Everyone knows to prepare for the inevitable.
 Louisiana floods - it always has. Where do they think all the swamps came from. That's why caskets are not burried but placed in concrete enclosures above ground.
But the thing I'm noticing here in Texas are the super colonies of Crazy Ants. I thought Fire Ants were the top-dog in the ant world. Fire Ants displace most other ants and termites but the Crazy Ant is able to neutralize the Fire Ants' venom and they are displacing the Fire Ant here in many parts of Texas.

My neighborhood was built on old rice fields which had soil imported to raise our homes to at least four feet above street grade. I've had water up to my mailbox that still did not reach even halfway up my lawn. People prepared for the inevitable.

But back to these ants. Fire Ants and Crazy Ants are at war and human structures are paying the price.
There was no way we could foresee nor prepare for this invasion.

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