Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I'm Sitting This One Out

Elections from the national level down to those at my local level are a hot mess - so this year I'm pretty much just sitting this ish out.
When it comes to running from the inevitable, a noted blogger once stated that the goal is not to exceed the speed of light - the trick is to just sidestep it.
Sure, I'll keep up with the news, disinformation and misinformation but as far as most of the hyperbole, conjecture and opinion spouted by MSM - I have no opinion.

On my local level, I'm constantly reminding Black politicians that 'Race' is not a platform.
I'm constantly having to console jaundiced politically active twenty-somethings when they find out that those Black pastors, business owners and politicians they supported are really being controlled by groups of the same rich white lawyers I drink with.
(I was told by an establishment member that I need to get in the game and make some REAL money. All he got from me was the side-eye. Being able to tell someone, 'Bitch, you don't own ME.' as I laugh at all the 'Stephens' in the room is it's own reward.)
I'm constantly reminding people that their lives suck because they are not qualified for a better one and that no one owes them a damn thing.

I know, I know... Institutional Racism, Redlining, Discrimination, Pollution, Poverty, Poor Education, ad infinitum... are all conditions under which many are forced to perform,
 but conditions do not dictate outcomes.
Rosewood and Tulsa were a hundred years ago - there is no reason new Black-nationalists couldn't recreate similar enclaves.

I'm sick of Ta-Nussy Coates' bitch-assed talks, books and articles being held up as being representative of non-pussy Black men.
When did we (the nation in general and Black people in particular) become such sissies?
I'm sick of everyone crying; 'racism', 'bully', or whatever and then complaining about 'micro-aggressions' (WTF is a micro-aggression anyway? I guess we can thank those with doctorates in Gender Studies, African-American Studies and/or any other non-STEM or useless degree with popularizing such nonsense.)

Maybe I'm from a different era. Maybe I'm a dinosaur but I'm just sick of the whole trophy-for-nothing, overly-coddled, overly-entitled, $15 an hour for working at Mc Donald's, he/she hurt my feelings, Black Lives NOT Mattering bitches this current culture seems to be producing.
Maybe it's just time for me to turn on, tune in and then just drop out.

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John Kurman said...

"None Of The Above" has won every presidential election from 1960 onward. This year will be no different.