Sunday, December 6, 2015

Scared People Load Up on Guns

People finna' do damage load up on body armour.

When I first saw the footage of the North Hollywood bank robbery shootout I was waking up at female friend's home after a long night at the casino.
'Damn, that looks like (the movie) 'Heat'', I said as I sat up to watch.
What was most notable about the shootout was that the felons seemed well protected in their homemade body armour while po-po seemed under-armed.
These guys showed up ready to do damage.

Sure, I have a few weapons around the house - what Texas guy doesn't?
With the state's Open Carry laws about to go into effect in the new year, I don't plan to be one who walks around strapped-up.
In all honesty, I'm more scared of scared people with weapons than I am of criminals with weapons.

Being in the nightclub business it would seem like a no-brainer for me to carry a pistol.
But the thing is that even without carrying a gun I seem to have plenty of guns 'on' me.
The po-po park across the street to make sure I drive away safely, street bosses deploy their crews to make sure no one messes with the only legitimate Black-owned club in the city. (My club is like the Intercontinental in the movie 'John Wick'. It's neutral territory and the street has determined that no 'business' is to be handled on club property.)

But I won't carry a gun. When I was a kid some old Italian man told me to never carry a gun because one day I would have to use it.
He told me to never put myself in a situation or position where I would have use for a gun. (I've remembered that ever since.)
 But being in the scared/conservative South, maybe I should walk around with a full suit of body armour.

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