Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dambit !!! MORE Homework...

What is it with the Bees?
(Jupiter Ascending was a less-than-great movie by the Wachowskis but they referenced that bees could sense royalty.)
From the Mormon's 'Deseret' to Gurdieff's 'Sarmoung' to the usage as symbols by Egyptians, the Merovingians and Napoleon...(among others).
What is so special about Bees?

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John Kurman said...

Bees are a distributed intelligence that display some of the most egalitarian social structures ever. Don't listen to the fucking Wachowskis about anything. "Royalty" is a concept we dumbass humans impose upon things we don't understand because it looks like something we understand. "Queen bee" (like "alpha male") is a mischaracterization, a Victorian imposition, that has no reflection whatsoever on what bees (or wolves) are doing.