Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's Just a Gun

In all honesty - I don't think of police officers, men (or women) in uniform or anyone else just doing their job as being a 'hero'.

'Man, this ain't that place.', I said to a young patron at my club.
(One of my waitresses had spotted a gun on the young man so she ran behind the bar in fear.)
'You, right man, you right. I'm sorry.' The young patron replied as he finished his drink and left.


John Kurman said...

Not heroes. Professionals would be good. And someone needs to modernize gun etiquette. Still, one hundred years ago you'd be swimming in guns.

uglyblackjohn said...

(Gun laws in Texas are about to get ridiculous.)
The baddest people I know seem to be the ones LEAST likely to use a gun. I know a lot of cops - many used to hang out with or play sports with or grew up with future felons. These cops were trained in the streets or schools and most know what is justifiable force. All these overreactions from scared and untrained cops are the fault of hiring practices and a lack of training compounded by a fear predicated on race.