Thursday, February 26, 2015


I walked into an Asian corner store for a late night snack after work one morning.
"Hey look. We hired one of your people, John.", the lady behind the counter said to me as she motioned towards a Persian woman.
My DJ just fell out laughing because earlier in the week an Arab at a different corner store asked me to translate the Spanish being spoken by one of his patrons.
Hispanics often tell me that I 'look like Bin Laden's people'.
Most Blacks just assume that I'm Louisiana Creole (Which I am - partially.).
At many of the political and social events I attended this past week - many white people (politely) asked me what I was mixed with 'besides Black'.

My club is closed for ten days so that the restrooms can be expanded so I've had some time to move around a little bit, to turn some corners, to catch up on things.
I've had a chance to attend more functions and to mingle with the more people.
The thing that stands out the most is that so many people (whether Black or white) believe the myopic stereotypes, memes and tropes put forward by the Eurocentric media and/or historians.
Many people (whether Black of white) have attributed my attitudes, beliefs, morality and adherence to a deontological worldview to my being something other than Black.

I have a question...?
Why do so many equate Blackness with being inferior?
Why do so many Blacks identify with; 'Good Times', slavery, poverty, ignorance, subjugation, Weezy, and victimization rather than; 'A Different World', freedom,Paul Robeson, Nat Turner, Piye and/or Public Enemy?
Why do so many Blacks accept and propagate so many of the beliefs held by many others that we are all (face it, there are A LOT of scrubs within our race) inferior and in need of a white savior to fix our problems?
Why is Black seen as being subordinate - even by many Blacks?


CNu said...

As long as you're making the most of your universal and universalize-able Man
of Bronze
bona fides, that's all anybody can ask and all that you can expect of yourself.

Reggie said...

It's nice to see that you're still here doing your thing my brother.

CNu said...

Be that as it may UBJ, erbody gotta have a hobby - and as long as you keep phuggin widdit, it can't help but get a little mo-bettah!

Speaking of which, went and saw Focus friday night. Fully understand how Will got into a bit of hot water with Jada over "frolicking" with Margot Robbie.

That child cleans up to a Grace Kelly level of scrumptious.