Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sick of 'Racism'.

Since Ferguson, many in my community have sought to prevent such happenings from occurring here.
With the MLK holiday, Tom Joyner and his crew coming to town and Obama's speach-a-fying... Some within this racially segregated community are reaching across traditional barriers in an effort to combat discrimination predicated on ones race.
My club, while mostly Black, is a friendly spot where everyone is welcome.
My crowd runs from gay, white couples to face-tattooed, gold toothed, dope-boys and their THOTs...
My club, it is said, is the first Black-owned nightclub that 'respectable' white people want to patronize.
Because of this, I have been asked by a group of white lawyers, politicians and businessmen to act as a bridge between many disparate groups and organizations.

In all honesty - I don't have time for racism. I have better things to do.
I have never been a victim of racism - only 'attempted racism'.
Most people, regardless of race, can do nothing to nor for me.
I'm not sure what purpose I would serve on such a well meaning commission.


CNu said...

lol, that commission is masturbatory. You're already doing the lord's work, in the real world, in real time, with real people - just doing what you do.

You already the bridge brah. Cain't bottle or tap that by proxy. Tell the nice respectable white folks to patronize more, rub elbows more, and "diversify your bonds nigga"

everything else is merely conversation....,

brohammas said...

value is a matter of perception, and this group apparently perceives you as having value. If you have opportunity to do some good.... do some good. Why not?

CNu said...

You already do good.

The nice white folks perceive value in the good you already do.

Then they'll accede to your established authority.

Change nothing.

Keep your hand uppermost.

See if they're as good as the grins on their faces.

Concede nothing and measure how much they value (comply with your advice) by making them come to you.

RiPPa said...

So, like, how does that "attempted racism" thing work?