Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Late to the Party...

I know I'm late but I didn't think it was that big of a deal.
I only saw the beginning of the recent Cheerios commercial.
"Wait... That kid looks Black...?", I said to myself as I walked past the television without stopping to watch the rest of the ad.

For anyone who doesn't know - I'm "mixed-race".
My Mother is half-Native American (Modoc-Klamath tribe) and half-Mexican while my father is Louisiana Creole.
When people ask what nationality I am - I just say, "I'm Black".
"Black and what else?", is the most common response.

It's odd...
Many of the phenotypic traits many women find attractive about me are a direct result of being mixed-race.
"Your nose isn't wide.", "You have 'good hair'." or "You're paper-bag-brown.", are comments I hear from many Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, or whatever women on a weekly basis.

Cheerios is just Keeping It Real....


Anonymous said...

I didn't even think anything at all when I first saw it except that the adorable little girl reminded me of my granddaughter! Over here that's par for the course.

Man, many mixed couples here, so I don't see what all the hoohaa is about. Oh well, only in America :)

Reggie said...

I thought the commercial was cute.

Both of my parents are African American, but my light skin and hazel eyes have drawn more than a few ignorant comments from both Caucasians and people of color.

What's interesting is that The Chappelle Show's comedy is timeless. Twenty years from now someone will see that clip for the first time and laugh their ass I did just now and when I first saw it years ago.