Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Poor

To continue a thread found on SeeNew's page...
(Discus wouldn't let me comment.)

 But no one told people to feign a lifestyle which was not their own.
What were once thought to be luxury brands can now be seen on even those from the poorest areas.
 What kids needs a pair of $500 Jordans?

 Does everyone in the hood have to drive a C-Class Benz?

Who told people that it is better to watch the lives of others on a television they cannot afford than it is to make their own lives better?

Whatever happened to "Makin' it do what it do"?


Desertflower said...

Oh John we're still making do! Believe me! :) I know I am that's for sure!

But I like to watch those people on those shows that are odd as all get out! With the plastic body parts and the plastic lifestyle and the plastic affectations and the ... so on and so forth...weird right?;))

uglyblackjohn said...

Me too DF... I hate when I walk into a home of a needy family and they have more useless gadgets than I have. "Bitch... I don't buy those and I'm supposed to be doing alright!", I say as I look at people living lives that used to be considered luxurious while living in the hood.