Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Facebook Is NOT Your Friend

 Who fell for the 'ease of use' shtick sold to them by Blogger, Google Chrome, Facebook and/or any other social media site?
(Why would I want to link one site to my other sites?)
Oh, and to ensure that you don't lose your password, don't forget to add your phone number as well?
Hasn't everyone read about the tracking these sites provide?
Doesn't everyone know that any information posted on the Internet can be used against them?

I use the site as a marketing tool for the club but for little else.
I can keep track of other clubs in the area, invite patrons to special events or just wish someone a "Happy Birthday".
But I'd never post anything I'd want to hide from anyone.

 One recent incident involved a man who tried to stunt on facebook with his tax return money.
The thing is; the dude was arrears in his child support payments.
The guy had maybe $500 and was he acting as though he was Drake at a strip club.

 I've known several women who have had their children taken away from them by ex-husbands because of their booty-poopin' pictures on facebook.
I've known guys who were caught in pictures with their girlfriends who called me later so that I could delete the photos before their wives or her friends saw them.
And why do people post pictures of slop on paper plates as though they were dining at Ruth's Chris?


Desertflower said...

I know right! The other day, I forget what I was doing but a message popped up to " put down my phone number" so they could better help me or some such other nonsense! Does anybody actually give it to them?

Val said...

Yep, go)gle and facebook are the worst. I don't trust wither with any real info. I see people putting all of their personal and professional business on fb and I'm astounded that anyone would do that.

As for go)gle; they have so many ways to gather info on you they are like the CIA on steroids. That's one of the reasons I left blogger.

And never under any circumstances should anyone who cherishes their privacy use any go)gle apps or email or chrome.

brohammas said...

Of course google, facebook, blah blahblah arent private... neither are blogs.
Neither is your back yard, the corner store, your cell phone or your bank account.
Do whatever you want, just know what you are getting into and dive in.
Why be careful in one thing when nothing else is safe.
Its a brave new world.

Reggie said...

I deleted my Facebook account last year and I don't miss it.

Goddess Muse said...

Glad the truth is out. People making drake profiles to get pics of females. People smoking weed in pic. Like your dumb dude .

Goddess Muse said...

Bs! Don't post dumb pic . Government don't care bout any of us.

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