Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Once Again...

 The Los Angeles Lakers have sought to buy another championship.
The thing is - there is no apparent team leader.
No, Kobe is not a leader. A leading scorer does not make one the natural leader.

Remember when Bryant threw Shaq under the bus after being caught in his own extramarital tryst?
Well... instead of handling his business like man - Kobe attempted to deflect attention away from himself and towards a teammate. (VERY unleader and bitch-like.)

Like many New York Yankee teams - Jerry Buss imagined that a group of individual stars could come together to form a dynasty.
Didn't they learn anything from Coach K and his success in choosing members of his Olympic teams?
Coach K passed on bigger names in favor of a greater whole.
While still a Laker fan (Yet, I cannot stand Kobe.), it looks as though they will continue to build teams around Kobe and become only the second best team in their own city.


DF said...

I think the team would work under Phil Jackson. But Baby Buss Jr decided that he didn't want anything from his father like most sons do. Threw out everyone and brought in the loser from Phoenix Dantoni!

We might run faster by the end of the season but that brand of Bball never wins.

Citizen Ojo said...

Very Bitch Like Indeed...