Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mission Accomplished?

Here is an aside: What was the mission? Why are we still there? Why are most of our troops and resources in Iraq and not Afghanistan? Much like Hannibal's plan to conquer Rome, President Bush overestimated the value of strength and the willingness of the Iraqi people to support perceived invaders. Would you go lion hunting and not take into consideration -and plan for- the chance that elephants, tigers or rhinos might attack you? After 8 years of Bush's liberal policies on government spending, free-trade and immigration, I originally supported Mitt Romney. We need a real Conservative, who understands economics. I voted for President Bush. It's not so much that I liked Bush, I just really disliked Kerry. I'm a Democrat... a Kennedy Democrat ( Ask not what your country can do for you...). I believe that we should help the less fortunate. The problem is: who do we help and more importantly how do we help them.
Actor/activist Ozzie Davis said that our country would have to be pretty messed up before we had a Black or a woman as President. Current events make Mr. Davis sound prescient.

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Anonymous said...

Ya had me...right up until you said you voted for Bush....the second time. you disliked Kerry so much that you would vote for the worst president in the last 80 years rather than vote for Kerry. At least Kerry is smart or as Bush called him, a high society intellectual. Apparently, being smart is a hindrance under the Bush doctrine.